The 8 Best Mops for Maintaining Your Floors in 2023

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Oshang's Floor Mop and Bucket, our top choice, counters common mopping dilemmas. Commercial Mop Heads

The 8 Best Mops for Maintaining Your Floors in 2023

While you likely spot clean as needed to rid surfaces of spills and grime, nothing makes floors gleam like mopping. No, we're not romanticizing mopping, but finding the right mop can improve not only the appearance of your floors but also your cleaning experience. “When choosing a mop for home use, you should look for one that’s lightweight and easy to maneuver,” says Justin Carpenter, CEO of Modern Maids. “A mop that has adjustable handle lengths is also helpful, as it allows you to easily reach awkward areas without having to bend over or strain your back.”

In addition to input from experts, we considered factors like the material of the mop’s head, whether it's compatible with various surfaces, and how easy it is to maintain. Our list includes the best string mop, the best sponge mop, the best robot mop, and more. We share why you might opt for one type over another and, finally, the best mop for every floor.

Oshang Flat Floor Mop and Bucket Set

Pros: This mop set is sleek and versatile — you can use it wet or dry.

Cons: If you have limited storage space, the bucket may feel a bit bulky.

This best-selling mop set gets high marks for style, but also excels in versatility, since it can be used both wet and dry and on a variety of surfaces. The mop itself features a sturdy stainless steel handle that can extend to 61 inches, and a swiveling head that uses microfiber pads for efficient cleaning.

Keep your hands clean with the included two-gallon bucket’s built-in wringer, which allows you to scrape and refresh your mophead without any dirty water splashing back. The set comes with four machine-washable microfiber pads that can be used again and again.

Yocada Looped-End String Wet Mop

Pros: This commercial-grade mop is made to stand up to heavy-duty use, from kitchens to garage floors.

Cons: It’s for wet use only, and you’ll need a bucket with a wringer to use it properly.

This professional-grade string mop by Yocada is designed for wet mopping, from tiled kitchens to concrete floors in the garage. The strings that make up the mophead are microfiber, which is much more effective at scrubbing away grime and holding onto dirt than traditional cotton string mops, and the looped ends also prevent the strings from fraying. This mop is equipped with a telescoping handle that can go from 44.5 to 55.1 inches, allowing plenty of versatility and reach for whoever is using it.

Removing and reattaching the mop head is pretty straightforward, and each head can be machine-washed and reused multiple times before having to be fully replaced. One caveat is that you will need to purchase a separate bucket, preferably with a wringer, to use this effectively. If you’ve got a lot of surface area to mop, this is a great choice that is meant to withstand heavy use, and it’s available at a very reasonable price.

Bona Hardwood Floor Premium Spray Mop

Pros: The microfiber pad is machine washable, and the refillable cartridge can be used with your choice of cleaning solution.

Cons: You’ll need to buy a separate solution to use this on non-wood flooring.

Spray mops are fantastic for smaller homes without much storage since they tend to be compact and also eliminate the need for a bucket. This mop from Bona is designed for use with unwaxed, unoiled, or polyurethane-finished wood floors (it comes with a full bottle of Bona’s hardwood floor cleaner), but it can also be used on tile and linoleum with the appropriate cleaning solution.

A pull of the trigger sends a fine mist of solution onto the floor, preventing oversaturation. The thick microfiber pad allows you to quickly mop up the cleaning solution, and in case you need to apply a little pressure to scrub away any stuck-on stains, the mop’s handle has a secondary grip for extra control. The best part of the Bona system is that the microfiber pad is machine washable and the cleaner cartridge can be refilled with your choice of solution, making it one of the more eco-friendly spray mops on the market.

Casabella Painted Steel Original Mop

Pros: This no-frills mop is affordable, easy to put together, and simple to use.

Cons:  While the mop itself is durable, the sponge mophead will need replacing fairly often.

This classic mop from Casabella has a sturdy stainless steel build that lasts for years. Lightweight and easy to maneuver, it’s very easy to put together out of the box. It features a 10-inch cellulose sponge mop head that works well around edges and gets into tight corners. You’ll also appreciate the secondary rubber grip on the handle for additional control.

The handle has a lever that allows you to easily and efficiently wring out the mop head, leaving the sponge damp but not dripping. Use this gentle mop on just about any floor surface, as the sponge will work well to wipe away spots and dirt. Changing the sponge mop head is simple — you just push the mop handle down to remove the used sponge and replace it with the refill.

O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop & Bucket Floor Cleaning System

Pros: This all-inclusive system uses microfiber to clean effectively while allowing you to keep your hands clean thanks to a pedal-activated wringer.

Cons: The bucket is on the bulky side, so it might not be ideal for those with limited storage space.

This set by O-Cedar combines the familiarity of a string-style mop with the efficiency of microfiber to help capture dirt while keeping excess water at bay. Safe for use on all floors, it features a triangle-shaped, rotating microfiber head that allows you to clean tight corners and maneuver around furniture. The telescoping handle reaches up to 48 inches and can be adjusted with a twist of the handle grip.

This kit comes with three machine-washable, reusable mop heads that last around three months each with regular use. What makes it really stand out is the bucket with a hands-free wringer — simply soak your mop and place it into the basket, then step on the pedal to activate the wringer. With the O-Cedar, you’ll be able to keep your hands far away from dirty water, and you don’t have to worry about it splashing.

Pros: This mop gives you sanitizing power and comes with different pads to use for normal or deep cleaning.

Cons: If you’re sensitive to scents, you’ll want to skip the fragrance discs.

For a sparkling clean floor, a steam mop harnesses the power of water and heat to remove dirt, grime, and any other buildup from a variety of floor types: tile, marble, linoleum, and sealed hardwood. This model by Bissell has three settings — high, medium, and low — so you can select how much steam your floors need. It comes with a soft pad to mop up minor messes and a firmer pad for a deeper clean, plus a flip-down scrubber to scour away spots or grout.

The mop has a 23-foot cord, so you can cover a large area without having to change electrical sockets, and the 16-ounce tank provides plenty of run time. The included pads are machine washable, and the mop also comes with two (optional) fragrance discs that leave behind a scent as you clean.

iRobot Brava Jet M6 Ultimate Robot Mop

Pros: It’s perfect for fans of smart home accessories, this Wi-Fi-enabled robot can be controlled by an app or an Alexa device.

Cons: This robot costs a pretty penny and can be caught up by thresholds, rugs, and other inconsistencies on the floor.

If you’re a fan of low-maintenance mopping, the iRobot Braava Jet M6 can tend to your floors while you’re busy doing something else. This high-tech mop uses a camera and navigation system to learn the layout of your home after a few uses, and you can control it with an Alexa device or its own app. It boasts 150 minutes of run time and the ability to clean from 400 up to 1,000 square feet of floor using a fine jet spray and cleaning pads that wipe away spills and spots.

Its biggest asset is how programmable it is — you can tell it to stay away from certain areas or to increase cleaning frequency when it’s shedding season for your pet. While you’ll still have to change out its cleaning pads and refill the reservoir in between cleaning sessions, it’s fairly hands-off and can provide a consistently clean floor without too much effort.

Libman Wonder Mop & Refills Kit

Pros: Straightforward and easy to use, it does a great job for the price. This kit includes three replacement heads.

Cons: It’s not built to last as long as others, and its shape is not as adept for getting into tight corners.

When you want a simple, effective mop that won’t break your budget, this best-selling mop from Libman is a winner. The head is made of wide microfiber strips that easily pick up dirt and other particles when the mop is wet or dry. Slide the wringer down over the head to get rid of any excess water or cleaning solution and mop over just about any type of flooring, whether tile, linoleum, stone, vinyl, laminate, marble, or wood.

The handle is made from sturdy steel and will stand up to the extra pressure needed to scrub away more stubborn spots. The mop head is machine washable (up to 50 times), and when you buy it as a kit with three extra heads, you won’t have to think about shopping for replacements anytime soon. It’s an excellent affordable option for light and regular household mopping duties. Plus, weighing in at under three pounds, it’s easy for just about anyone to maneuver.

When picking a mop, you’ll want to consider what material the head consists of. While cotton mops (like classic stringed wet mops) are a popular choice for most hard surface floors, they tend to shed, so string-type heads made with microfiber are an improved version of this type of mop. Microfiber has become the most popular material for mop heads due to its ability to control moisture and because it does a better job at scrubbing spots and holding onto dirt and grime than cotton alone. A cellulose sponge is another popular type of mop head that allows you to get into corners and mop along straight edges, but these tend to wear out faster than other styles.

One of the factors to consider is the longevity of your mop head. Some mops include single-use type pads that can be disposed of right away — great if you don’t have regular access to a washing machine. If you are able to machine wash your mop heads, opt for models that have reusable, washable pads since they are more eco-friendly and tend to be less expensive in the long run.

Not all mops are suitable for all floors, so be conscious of the limitations of your flooring. Most of the mops above can be used on tile, vinyl, stone, linoleum, concrete, and sealed hardwood, but you’ll want to double check your floor care instructions (and any warranty agreements) and even spot test certain mops to ensure they won’t cause any damage.

What is the best mop for tile floors?

<p>Most mops can work well for tile floors — you can even used a steam cleaner for sealed and non-porous tiles.</p>

What is the best mop for hardwood floors?

<p>“The trick with hardwood floors is their delicate finish that&#39;s prone to scratching,” says Emma Barton, founder of <a href="" data-component="link" data-source="inlineLink" data-type="externalLink" data-ordinal="1" rel="nocaes">Steam Queen Clean</a>. A mop with a microfiber pad works well for both dusting and wet mopping, as it’s effective while being gentle, according to Barton.</p>

What is the best mop for laminate floors?

<p>The goal with laminate floors is not only to clean the surface but also to prevent any micro water deposits in the seams that produce mold, bacteria, and damage to the sub flooring. “Aim for spin mops that instead of squeezing to clean, use a small turbine to get rid of the unwanted water,” says Barton.</p>

What types of floors can you use a steam mop on?

<p>“Steam mops are typically used on hard surfaces such as tile, laminate, vinyl and hardwood floors,” says Carpenter. “Always check the instructions to make sure it is safe for use on your type of flooring. Additionally, never leave a steam mop unattended while in use as it can cause damage to the surface of floors if left on too long.”</p>

The 8 Best Mops for Maintaining Your Floors in 2023

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